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How Can We Help?


How to upgrade from HDB to condo

5 Cs

All Singaporeans dream of the 5c which was eched into our brains from when I was a teenager 40 years ago is still ringing in my ours when i chill by the seaside in East Coast.

Now is the opportunity for us a realise that dream because of low interest rates of when purchasing pte property and same time HDB prices are as an all time high. This allows a red carpet path for HDB owners to sell their flat and upgrade to a new condo like Pasir Ris 8, which is an Integrated Mixed-Used development, more of the specs below.

For HDB owners who bought directly from HDB via the BTO exercises are at the best position to execute this move. They would have completed MOP and easily will profit at least 200k from the sale of the HDB flat, this would be enough to jumpstart a condo reality which requires a 5% cash deposit to book. The next 20% would be from CPF, which could also come from the CPF funds on sale of the HDB and existing CPF Ordinary account. The remainder 75% will be bank loan so its easier if both spouse are having a full time job with CPF contributions.

Buying a new condo like Pasir Ris 8 which is at a great location with MRT, Shopping Complex, Hawker centre and Aircon bus interchange, which are highlights of an Integrated Mixed used Development, is also a great investment where you can later sell and enjoy a second windfall.

So, don't hesitate, feel free to drop us a line and find out more.

New condo financials

Below are the breakdown to purchase a condo for buyers of one property count.

Booking Fee : 5%

CPF : 20%

Bank Loan : 75%

Stamp fee: 3% to 4%.